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PANDO takes its name from one of the rare tree species in Utah, symbolizing green life and continuous vitality, which perfectly matches our vision of innovation, green, and sustainable development.

Pando's corporate mission and culture are inherently linked to the power of the Pando tree. We are committed to providing our customers and end-consumers around the world with safe, reliable, and enjoyable paper packaging products. Also, we hope that through technological innovation, more people will be able to enjoy the benefits of technology.


Zhejiang Pando EP Technology Co., Ltd. established in 1996, emerges as a professional service-oriented manufacturer focusing on paper food packaging. It seeks to achieve an integration of coating, printing, machinery, and paper food packaging industries. Pando is committed to achieving full industry chain coverage in the paper food packaging industry and to providing customers with total packaging solutions and creating value.

With 25 years of experience, guided by the goal of promoting green packaging and sustainable development, Pando adheres to innovation, research, and development, having various products like paper cups, paper bowls, paper buckets, paper plates, takeaway containers, biodegradable containers, and other products which are widely applied in a variety of food and beverage packaging. Pando has won the trust of many well-known food companies at home and abroad with its better prices and better services, and the products are exported to Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, and other countries. Also, it has built strategic partnerships with some main QSR and FMCG companies, including Nestle, Mondelez, Disney (Shanghai), General Mills (Haagen-Dazs), Wallace, Uni-President, Jinmailang, Nongshim, COFCO, Xiangpiaopiao, Strong Group, and many other world-class brands. To serve domestic customers nearby, Pando has set up six paper food packaging manufacturers, located respectively in Haining (headquarter), Huzhou, Xingtai, Tianchang, Chengdu, and Dongguan, and its annual production capacity reaches 7 billion pcs.


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    Innovation, green and sustainable development.

  • Enterprise

    Providing total food packaging solution and create value to customers.

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    by Heart

    Innovation with heart, innovation with collaboration.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSAs a partner of world-class brands, Pando warmly welcomes you to join us.

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