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Adopting the innovative technology of water-based barrier coating, Pando unveiled the latest series of products named Green E Cup to solve the problem of recycling. Following the principles of the circular economy throughout the production processes, we take it as our responsibility to protect the environment and the earth.
  • Recyclable and Repulpable

    Green E Cup can be recycled after repulping through a complete recovery system.

  • Compostable and Degradable

    Boasting related certifications, Green E Cup has been approved as a degradable product, which means it can be composted in a specific environment to help reduce environmental pollution.

  • Food Safety

    Our cups meet the food safety standard in China, the United States, and the European Union. Having passed the required tests, they can directly put your food in them.

  • Circular Economy

    We can maximize the value of food paper, and its great recyclability of Green E Cup enormously boosts the circular economy.

  • WBBC Paper

  • Cafes

  • WBBC Paper

  • Recyclable Bins

  • WBBC Paper

  • Collection

  • WBBC Paper

  • A Pulp Factory

  • Coffee Pulp

Recycling and Circular EconomyGuided by the visions of recyclability, Pando has always been striving to put together all the materials to yield a circular economy, as it seeks to reduce the over-exploitation of resources and get valuable resources by recycling the waste to achieve the goal of maintaining ecological balance and harmonious development of economy and environment.

Global Influence

Plastic ban in the whole world has made environmentally-friendly products gain greater popularity and get more attention from the consumers, therefore, the merchants are badly in need of new products to replace the old ones, and the Green E Cup was born at the right moment. Pando has been researching and continuously looking for new solutions since 2017. In 2020, the Green E Cup has been successfully developed and put into production in September 2020, which has won recognition and support from many customers.

Global RecognitionEnvironmentally-friendly production and recycling have gained wide recognition while making remarkable contributions to the circular economy.