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Drawing on the wisdom from 350 professional partners, Pando has emerged as a global trader in possession of a huge customer base. It is now serving customers from 49 different countries and regions, providing them with healthy and green paper packaging products that delight the senses.

  • <i>P</i>rofessionalism


    Pando specializes in R&D of various paper food packaging, providing customers with total packaging solutions, and offers product upgrade solutions to add value to their products. From the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, we strictly adopt domestic standards and international food safety standards, so our customers can feel safe and comfortable while using our products at ease. We are committed to providing professional services to meet customer requirements in terms of product dimensions, raw material information, and various testing standards.

  • <i>A</i>ttitude


    Uncompromisingly committed to the principles of craftsmanship, our products have stood the test of time. With its profound presence in the paper food packaging industry for 25 years, Pando strives to upgrade each product meticulously in pursuit of excelsior, seeks to make an improvement, and realizes our goals. Each progress we made constitutes our cherished experience and invaluable wealth. We believe that our long-standing craftsmanship will bring us a brighter future in the new era.

  • <i>N</i>ature


    Given the vulnerability of the environment where we live, it is our consensus to minimize the use of plastic products and reduce environmental pollution. Pando promises that our raw materials are from sustainable development resources. From the production processes to paper waste recycling, Pando is devoted to improving resource utilization and reducing carbon emissions of each process.

  • <i>D</i>evelopment


    Based on the development plan and strategic blueprint, Pando seizes opportunities, actively promotes corporate innovation and reform, further improve its layouts and supply capabilities. Currently, Pando has in the construction of six major production bases in China and achieved the strategic cost optimization of inhouse projects. Also, Pando strives to improve the integration of coating, printing, machinery, and paper food packaging industries and optimizes the overall cost in purchasing, processing, and logistics, etc., which promotes a virtuous cycle of the supply chain.

  • <i>O</i>ptimism


    Pando adopts a positive attitude towards the paper food packaging industry, which penetrates every aspect of its enterprise management. We firmly believe that no pains no gains, and the confidence we have in the industry will be transformed into the trust of our employees in which way Pando can build its distinctive corporate culture. No matter what, Pando will never give up and keep forging ahead in the future to come.