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With the current deteriorating environment, Pando is determined to upgrade itself from the link of raw materials selection. It started to produce degradable packaging products in 2013, replacing the PE materials with PLA particles to make product degradability a reality and contribute to the environmental protection with its customers.


  • PLA Resin

    Polylactic acid (PLA) is a bio-based and biodegradable material. As an environmentally friendly material, it helps you reduce your carbon footprint, and it can be decomposed in various ways. The PLA paper cups produced by Pando are all degradable, which means that it can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide under certain circumstances, helping to reduce environmental pollution.

    PLA Resin
  • Wood Pulp Paper

    Pando purchases paper and paperboard from the responsible and reputable paper mill and certifies their wood pulps is from sustainable forests, aiming to make contributions to changing the economic and environmental conditions of forests.

    Wood Pulp Paper
  • Bamboo Pulp Paper

    Bamboo pulp paper can be used as an alternative to wood pulp paper with a more desirable growth cycle and greater regenerative capacity compare to the trees. After four years of growing, bamboo pulp paper can be cut annually for pulping without being affected by seasons.

    Bamboo Pulp Paper