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Are Bagasse Trays Good Choice for Food Packaging?

Bagasse trays are made from a renewable resource. This product can be made from plant-based materials rather than using plastics or packing paper.

Bagasse is the waste matter that results from sugarcane processing. The juice is removed from the original plant through pulping, and the fiber remains are regarded as Bagasse.

Sugarcane bagasse is a non-wood fiber. It's flexible and lightweight.

The great thing about this product is the quality of raw materials used in trays production. It is not contaminated with chemical additives, dyes, and adhesives.


· Designed to be 100% recyclable when finished

· Designed to be 100% compostable and biodegradable

· Maximum stiffness and durability. Able to withstand the rigors of daily use in an outdoor environment.

· You can use a bagasse tray in cooling and warming food materials either in the refrigerator and oven.

· Able to withstand water and grease stains.


· Bagasse trays are made from a sturdier, more durable material than typical paper or plastic trays.

· Their thermal conductivity makes them ideal for keeping foods warm and moist.

· Highly resistant and able to withstand temperatures up to 95° Celsius

· Doesn't break down like other compost materials. It is only after several weeks of exposure to the elements that this material begins to decompose.

The manufacturing process of Bagasse Trays:

The process you can use to manufacture bagasse trays is listed below:

· Soaking the bagasse pulp board and pumping through a hydraulic press. Then, it goes into a mixing tank and will add water and oil in a formulator, and later it goes on to a forming machine, which dewaters the pulp.

· Forming is converting an intermediate product (made out of pulp or paper) into a finished product. Forming is used to cool and solidify the pulp. The process involves loading the paper into either heated or cooled molds (or presses) and then removing the product from the mold.

· Steam-assisted drying is an intensive method that utilizes steam for drying. It can minimize the amount of time and energy spent on drying, allowing for a more efficient process to enhance environmental sustainability.

· A precision machining center takes out the product from the machine. The product is then moved into a trimming station, where it's carefully trimmed and sterilized for quality assurance.

· Now the product is ready for shipping or storage.

Bagasse Tray Specifications:

Bagasse tray is available in all desired sizes depending upon your needs. They are usually available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Some of the sizes are listed in the table below:

Sr. No.ProductSize (mm)Sr. No.ProductSize (mm)

1Bagasse Tray180 × 180 × 558Bagasse Tray186 × 186 × 66

2Bagasse Tray180 × 180 × 629Bagasse Tray190 × 145 × 50

3Bagasse Tray180 × 180 × 6910Bagasse Tray190 × 145 × 60

4Bagasse Tray228 × 165 × 2811Bagasse Tray226 × 226 × 44

5Bagasse Tray228 × 165 × 4712Bagasse Tray226 × 226 × 29

6Bagasse Tray228 × 165 × 5713Bagasse Tray218 × 121 × 16

7Bagasse Tray228 × 165 × 8614Bagasse Tray242 × 182 × 28

Cost of Bagasse Tray:

The cost of the bagasse tray depends upon several factors.

These factors include the size of the tray, shape of the tray, quality of material used in manufacturing, durability, moisture resistance, temperature resistance, and much more.

The cost of multiple compartment bagasse trays lies in the range of $0.25 to $0.45 per piece.

The cost of an environmentally friendly biodegradable bagasse rectangular bagasse tray varies from $0.13 to $0.16 per piece.

While the price of PLA Coated bagasse tray usually lies in the range of $0.019 to $0.05 per piece.

Compartment Bagasse Tray:

The multiple compartments are designed to be used with Bagasse Tray.

You can put cold food, children's beverage, sweets, fruit, and other odds and ends into the five individual sections.

Color Options:

Bagasse tray is available in various colors, including white, off-white, brown, green, black, etc.

You can choose any color depending upon your needs or product requirement.


The sugarcane bagasse tray is an innovation that is becoming the standard packaging for the fast-food industry and many others who use this product.

The tray is made from 100% natural bagasse, produced from leftovers of the juice-making process.

Currently, these trays are used primarily on college and university campuses where health-conscious options are in demand.

Sugar cane has provided its health benefits through its natural antiseptic qualities and electrolyte-rich water.

Therefore, you must give these bagasse trays a shot because they are the best choice for various applications, especially food packaging.

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