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8oz Kraft Paper Sleeves

8oz Kraft Paper Sleeves

Print: 1-6 colors customized or Plain

Product Specification

Diameter (mm): 104 Weight (g): 60.0 Colors: Customized
Pieces Per Sleeve: 100 Sleeves: 10 Pieces Per Carton: 1000
Carton Length (mm): 310 Carton Width (mm): 250 Carton Height (mm): 320

Product Details

Heat insulation helps improve the customer experience.

The more flexible and beautiful design increases the delicacy of the products and improves customer satisfaction.

Suitable For

Hot Drinks Coffee Milk Tea
Cold Drinks Soda Drinks Sparkling Drinks


  • Made of high-quality corrugated paper.
  • Providing customized simple artworks that can be printed in 6 colors which helps to improve brand image.


  • The lids perfectly fit soup bowls and noodle bowls
  • Meeting the diverse needs of consumers.