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A popular science training on epidemic prevention knowledge from the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

On the afternoon of March 3, 2020, the spring breeze was blowing and the sun was shining. The Wenjiang District leadership team carried out condolences to Sichuan Pando during the epidemic. Five doctors from Wenjiang District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine went to Sichuan Pando Company to give everyone training on the prevention of new crown pneumonia virus. They explained the daily protection and disinfection knowledge to us, and provided our company with antiviral Chinese medicine for free.
Relevant leaders of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau answered on-site policies related to labor relations during the epidemic. Chengdu enterprises enjoy the policy of phased reduction and exemption of social insurance fees and collected the current difficulties faced by enterprises.
In order to keep everyone at a "safe distance", the company chose the temporary training location in Bazi, the factory area full of warm sunshine. Mr. Chen, the company's department heads and shift leaders, and some colleagues from the General Office participated in this training. Five doctors from different departments of the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduced to everyone the correct wearing of masks, correct hand washing methods, correct practices when sneezing and coughing in public, how to disinfect the company's working environment, and how to prevent danger after going out and returning home. Knowledge about going home.

Seven-step handwashing
Our hands are the most easily contaminated. Therefore, you must wash your hands correctly and carefully. The first doctor introduced the professional seven-step handwashing method to everyone, and everyone followed the doctor’s demonstration and seriously "washed" their hands. It is best to wash our hands with soap (note that it is soap, not soap. Because soap can only achieve the purpose of killing the virus), you can also use disposable gel. Finally, rinse with clean water, and use a clean towel or paper towel to dry the water in time. Do not wait for the water to dry slowly or wipe it on the clothes, as this will cause secondary pollution.
The first step is to apply soap to your hands and wash your palms: the palms of your hands are facing each other, and your fingers are close together and rub each other.
The second step is to wash the back of the hands: rub the palms of the opponent's backs along the fingers, alternating hands.
The third step is to wash the crevices of the fingers: palms facing each other, cross fingers, and rub each other along the crevices.
The fourth step, wash your fingers: put your five fingers together and half make a fist, place them on the palm of the other hand and rub them, alternating your hands.
Step 5: Wash the thumb: Hold the thumb of the other hand in one hand, rotate and rub it in the palm, alternating hands.
The sixth step, wash your fingertips: put your five fingers together, rub the palm of the other hand, and rub both hands
The seventh step, wash your wrists: rub your wrists alternately with your hands. Finally, rinse with clean water, and use a clean towel or paper towel to dry the water in time.
The correct way to wear a mask
Everyone knows that the new coronavirus is mainly spread through droplets. Therefore, we must wear masks correctly. A doctor introduced you to the correct way to wear a mask. After fully wearing, if the mask will open and close with the airflow when breathing, it means that the mask is worn.
There are many types of masks. The more common ones are N95 masks with higher protection levels, disposable medical external masks, cloth masks with breathing valves, sponge masks, etc. Us ordinary people generally use disposable medical masks, which can effectively prevent droplets. It is not recommended to use masks with breathing valves and sponge masks. If you are in a densely populated place, it is best to choose a mask with a higher level of protection.
Step 1: After cleaning your hands, unpack the mask, first distinguish the inside and outside of the mask and the up and down direction. Generally, the outer side is slightly darker than the inner side, and the end with the metal strip is the upper side.
Step 2: Do not touch the inside of the mask with your hands, gently hold the outside of the mask, fix the metal strip on the bridge of your nose, and then press the metal strip with your hands and ten fingers to make it fit the face as much as possible.
Part 3: After hanging the ear straps, pull under the mask and gently pull the folds to

What to do when sneezing and coughing in public
When talking loudly, coughing, or sneezing, droplets are emitted. When coughing and sneezing, 1000-40000 droplets can be sprayed, up to 6 meters away! If we are on a bus, the sprayed droplets can spread all over the carriage within a few minutes! Therefore, before coughing or sneezing, if we do not wear a mask, we should lower our heads and cover our mouth and nose with a tissue. Do not throw away the tissues after use, but throw them in the trash can in time. If it is too late to get a tissue, bend your elbows and approach your mouth and nose. This action can block the sprayed droplets on the elbow skin or clothing. This part is relatively dry, and it is not easy to come into contact with other public goods, which can effectively block the spread of germs. As a last resort, you can cover it with your hands, and remember to wash your hands in time when you go home.
How to disinfect the company's working environment
The doctors of the radiology department introduced the disinfection methods in the office. Currently we mainly use 84 disinfectants and 75% medical alcohol. 84 disinfectant can effectively kill the virus, but its main component is sodium hypochlorite, which is harmful to the human respiratory system. It should be used after dilution according to the instructions for use. It is best to spray when there is no one. After spraying, it should be ventilated in time, and the staff will enter the room after half an hour. 75% medical alcohol can effectively kill the virus and is mainly used for disinfection of desktops, fixed phones, door handles and other parts.
When going out daily, you can cut the wettable tissues or cotton pads into small pieces, put them in a small portable bottle or plastic box, pour an appropriate amount of 75% medical alcohol, and close the lid to avoid volatilization. Take one piece when needed and wipe the area that needs to be disinfected. Note that in the use of alcohol, wiping is better than spraying!
How to prevent the danger from taking home when going home
1. Change your shoes first. Because when walking outside, you may step on the sputum on the ground. Regarding the proposal that everyone should spray the soles of shoes with alcohol before going home, the doctor suggested that in fact, the shoes only need to be cleaned daily (if they are contaminated, they still need to be disinfected seriously). The virus lives in a dry environment for a short time, so it is basically safe as long as you don't wear the shoes you wear when you go out into your home.
2. Take off the mask. Do not touch the outside of the mask with your hands, as it may be contaminated. Gently remove the earbands on both sides of the mask with both hands, wrap the mask after disinfection, and throw it into the waste gas mask recycling bin. (If the mask is not enough, you can consider adding a dust-free paper towel to the inside of the mask, because the paper towel can absorb water, and replacing the paper towel can extend the time of the mask.)
3. Change clothes. The clothes that you wear when you go out don’t actually need to be disinfected by alcohol. You can just hang them in a ventilated place after changing them out (remember not to mix the clothes you wear when you go out and home clothes).
4. Follow the seven-step hand washing method to clean your hands. There is one more thing that must be done after going out and going home, and that is cell phone cleaning. Now mobile phones have become indispensable
It’s easy to carry the virus. The phone should be turned off half before cleaning
Hours, then wipe the body with a tissue or cloth moistened with medical alcohol,
Wait until the alcohol evaporates.

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