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Comparison of Plastic-free Paper Cups and Plastic Cups

With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection in our country, people pay more and more attention to products that are beneficial to the environment, so disposable paper plates and plastic-free paper cups are becoming more and more common. However, many businesses and consumers are not clear, what is the difference between plastic-free paper cups and plastic cups?

Let's take the difference between plastic-free paper cups and plastic cups as an example to answer this question in detail:

1. Use of materials

Common plastic cups are PET, PP and other materials. PP plastic cups are the most common in China, and their cost is reasonable and their hygiene is relatively good, so they are the most widely used. But the use temperature of plastic cups is lower. If you use a plastic cup to hold hot water, not only is the cup extremely easy to become small and deformed, but it may also burn the user.

However, plastic-free paper cups are different from traditional polyethylene and PLA coated disposable paper cups, and the materials used are very advanced. For example, Pando's plastic-free paper cups use zero-plastic coated paper made of graphene nano-barrier technology. This is not only waterproof and high temperature resistant, but also 100% degradable, with a recovery rate of over 90%.

2. Impact on people

In order to maintain its structure in the production process of plastic cups, some plasticizers are often added. Once hot or boiled water is filled in plastic cups, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into the water, which can cause harm to the human body. Moreover, the internal microporous structure of the plastic cup body has many pores, which is easy to hide dirt and dirt.

The plastic-free paper cups are different. Due to the strict production process, plastic-free paper cups not only have good temperature resistance, but also have reliable food safety. For example, Pando's plastic-free paper cups focus on low-carbon and environmental protection in the production process, and can be directly microwaved. At the same time, our products meet the relevant food safety requirements of China, EU and FDA. Therefore, consumers can use our plastic-free degradable paper cups with confidence.

3. Environmental impact

As for the impact on the environment, the results speak for themselves. Plastic cups are non-degradable products and are the main source of "white pollution". Many plastic cups have a long recycling cycle, are more expensive, and cause greater pollution to the environment.

And degradable plastic-free paper cups can minimize environmental damage. It is worth mentioning that Pando's plastic-free paper cups reduce the carbon footprint by about 16% compared with other products, and the biodegradation rate reaches 96.3%, far exceeding the national standard.

Obviously, choosing plastic-free paper cups instead of plastic cups can not only effectively reduce the burden on the environment, but also greatly facilitate our lives. If you are also looking for a leader in the field of plastic-free paper cups, you must take a look at Pando, which has been in the field of paper packaging for more than 20 years. We have cooperated with China Eastern Airlines, Uni-President and Xizhilang Group for many years. At the same time, our plastic-free paper cups have a number of qualification certificates including forest certification FSC and food safety management system certification, which are quite trustworthy.

Most importantly, Pando has a mature production and packaging industry chain, which means that the quality of our plastic-free paper cups is strictly guaranteed. We also provide mass production and customization services, with an annual output of 2.5 billion pieces, and the products produced are sold well all over the world. In this era of promoting environmental protection and recycling energy saving, the plastic-free paper cups we produce will definitely be more popular.

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