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Did You Throw Away Recycled Paper Cups?

Did you throw away recycled paper cups? Understand the process of making paper cups, and correct classification is really environmentally friendly.

The paper container is made of food paper, which is completed after printing, cutting, forming and other steps. Among them, there is a coated paper container with a very thin layer of plastic (PE or PE mixed PP) or renewable material (PLA). ), the recycling process of different coated paper containers is actually different, so the correct classification is very important to environmental protection.

Fast food is loved by everyone, but paper containers such as paper cups and cartons that allow fast food to be provided to customers in a fast, convenient and clean way have not been noticed by most people. Many people are still quite unfamiliar with the making of paper containers. The paper container is basically made of food paper, which is printed, cut and formed. The production of paper cups requires the step of laminating to achieve the effect of waterproof and oil-proof. By understanding the production process of paper cups, we will simultaneously understand the safety of paper containers and how to use them correctly to be more friendly to the earth.

Taking paper cups as an example, first of all, the paper used to make paper containers must be food-grade paper. Food paper is mostly imported from Europe and the United States, and it is considered to be the best grade among paper materials. Then, the process of laminating must be carried out, and the material that can resist oil and water must be coated on the paper before the subsequent forming steps can be carried out.

The coating is a very thin layer of plastic material attached to the paper, which makes the paper cup resistant to oil and water, and can hold beverages and soups for a long time. The selection of this coating material is also related to the characteristics of the subsequent paper cups.

After the lamination treatment, the desired pattern and color will be printed on the paper roll. Printing methods can be divided into 3 methods: gravure, convex plate, and flat plate. The cost of gravure is too high and is now rarely used; letterpress printing is continuously printed on paper rolls, and the required printing volume is large. Lithographic printing, in which paper is cut into pieces and then printed, is suitable for making small quantities of products. After the ink is applied, a layer of water gloss treatment will be printed as protection.

After printing, laminating is performed, and the ink is wrapped in the laminating film. This manufacturing method has a high loss rate and therefore a high cost. However, no matter what printing method is used, the printing materials for containers that come into contact with food must be food-grade to ensure the safety of consumption.

The printed paper enters the knife mold and produces a fan-shaped piece of paper, which is the unfolded shape of the wall of the paper cup. The fan-shaped paper is collected and sent to the forming machine, and the paper is then rolled out of the cup mold into the shape of a paper cup. At the same time, the mold provides heat at the seam of the paper, so that the PE is thermally destroyed and adhered to each other, and the bottom of the paper cup is then glued. Immediately after the mold pushes the mouth of the cup, the paper at the mouth of the cup is rolled down and fixed by heat, forming the rim of the paper cup. These forming steps can be completed in one second.

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