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Have You Used Biodegradable Disposable Paper Cups?

Today I will introduce to you a very common thing in our lives, that is, disposable paper cups.

Speaking of disposable paper cups, the ones we use most are the guests who come from home. They are used to make tea with water. The milk tea or coffee that we drink outside can be counted.

While providing convenience to us, disposable containers also encounter many major problems, the most serious of which is waste management and environmental pollution. The vast majority of disposable paper cups cannot be degraded and recycled. The use of disposable paper cups for high temperature liquids such as milk tea or coffee will produce harmful substances, which will have a bad impact on our human body.

Is there any way to produce a cup that can be recycled and reused and is environmentally friendly, but can also contain high-temperature liquids?

Pando is an environmentally friendly company that uses rare tree species like PANDO as raw materials to produce a kind of bio-environmental plastic free paper cups to replace traditional disposable paper cups. This new cup is composed of three parts. The surface of the cup is covered with bioplastics, the inside is a wooden paper cup structure, and the lid of the cup is also made of different forms of bioplastics.

According to Pando, the cup made of PANDO tree material is completely recyclable and used to make wood or waste paper. After testing by the company’s testers, the cup can be completely degraded after being placed on the soil for three months. After degradation, it can be used as compost, which is very environmentally friendly, which means that even if we land it after use, it will not be affected. The land causes pollution and destroys the environment.

It is worth mentioning that this company is actively promoting the use of plant starch to make plastics to replace disposable items in our lives. In the future, we may see biodegradable disposable bowls, chopsticks, spoons, etc. Woolen cloth.

Finally, although disposable paper cups can be degraded, it still consumes resources and energy to make them. It also consumes resources and energy. Throwing away once used is not environmentally friendly, so we still recommend Everyone uses less or no disposable paper cups.

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