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How Much Do You Know About Ice Cream Cups?

In summer, ice cream has always been our best partner. It is delicious and cool, but we all know it is not easy to store. The most common ice cream is packaged in plastic bags, but some instant ice cream concentrates are more suitable for cups with small scoops. With the expansion of the market, the types of ice cream cups are becoming more and more abundant.


In order to ensure the safety and health of food, disposable paper ice cream cups have become the best choice for everyone. After all, it is too troublesome for us to wash the cups after eating ice cream. In addition, paper products are more conducive to protecting the environment.

Generally speaking, ice cream cups have a variety of shapes, such as round, square, cone, etc., according to your needs. The size of disposable ice cream cups can be divided into 3 ounces to 32 ounces, and the choice of size mainly depends on the required storage capacity and the type of things placed. For example, some are only used for ice cream, and most of them are not very large cups. In addition to ice cream that needs to be eaten in several portions, some are used for frozen yogurt or fruit salad. These may need to be stirred, and the cup needs more space. Can be used. In addition, ice cream cups can be matched with or without a lid, with or without a spoon, depending on the environment in which they are used. If you need to take it away, you definitely need a lid. If you want to enjoy the food immediately, you only need a spoon without a lid. In order to reduce waste, the lid can be saved.


At present, most of the paper cups on the market are PE-coated paper cups, which are mainly coated on one side inside the cup without coating on the outside of the cup, which can hold hot drinks. It is not recommended to hold cold drinks, because when cold drinks are held, condensation is easy to form on the outer wall of the cup, which is easy to soften the cup body, reduce its rigidity, and deform the paper cup.

The ice cream cup is a typical cold drink cup. Generally, kraft paper is used as the material for making ice cream cups. A double-sided film is formed inside and outside the cup body to form a double-sided waterproof, thereby ensuring the waterproof and hardness of the cup body. Nowadays, people's environmental awareness is getting stronger and stronger, and biodegradable environmentally friendly products are very popular. As a disposable product, the material used in the ice cream cup also has this requirement. It is undeniable that this has become a trend and will become the target of people's attention for a long time.

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