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Pick Up A Coffee Cup and Enjoy The Vietnamese Flavor

When I travel to Vietnam, I always buy some Vietnamese coffee as a souvenir to bring home as a gift. In fact, in the coffee map of Asia, Vietnamese people drink coffee in their own way. You can say that their style is popular and rough, but to be honest, on the streets of Vietnam, it is this cup of popular and simple coffee. , So that the whole country is full of life like firewood, rice, oil and salt.
Take Ho Chi Minh City for example. The streets are full of coffee shops. You can find coffee shops when you are tired, and you can eat Pho everywhere when you are hungry. The coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City are mostly independent shops, basically just a stall, with a few tables and chairs at the door, and advertisements of Centaline Coffee decorate the shops. The Vietnamese rode over on a motorcycle, leaned on the side, pulled a chair with flip flops, and sat down, sweating, waiting for the waiter to bring a printed glass with an aluminum alloy drip on it, and rushed in. Boiling water, just sitting there waiting for the coffee to fall on the ice cubes drop by drop. The ice cubes slowly melt, the white condensed milk melts, and the brown coffee seeps in. After a long ten minutes, pick up the cup and shake it, and drink it in a few mouthfuls. , Get on a motorcycle and leave.
This is the traditional way to drink Vietnamese coffee, not in other countries.
Vietnam also has cafes that are not so grounded. In the consulate district or some modern commercial districts, you can see international chains like Starbucks or Costa. Vietnam also has local chain coffee shops, such as Central Plains Coffee which dominates the Vietnamese coffee market. Deng Li Yuanyu, the owner of Zhongyuan Coffee, is a native Vietnamese. His "coffee kingdom" was established from Bang Ma Thuot. Buon Ma Thuot is a small plateau town. It takes only an hour to fly from Ho Chi Minh City. There is a main road and a small road on the side. There are signs of G7 and Central Plains everywhere.
Nowadays, in Buon Ma Thuot, coffee is grown in places where coffee can be grown. Many environmental organizations have raised objections, but for farmers, the income from coffee is higher. When I went to Buon Ma Thuot, it was not the coffee harvesting period, but it happened to be the flowering period. The white coffee flowers bloomed in clusters, and there was a scent of flowers in the farm, with a slight gardenia fragrance. On the farm, I met a coffee farmer who was responsible for irrigation. He handed me an enamel cup and motioned me to drink, ah, too strong and too sweet.
Some people laughed and said that Ho Chi Minh City is in Vietnam, like Shanghai is in China, and the basis for this statement is that the streets are full of cafes. Walking on the streets of Shanghai on weekends, you will find the same situation-an independent coffee shop under a plane tree, with a few tables and chairs at the door, people dress casually, drinking coffee and chatting, as if this is the best Ways to spend the weekend. A cup of coffee and a bowl of Pho have shortened the distance between these two Asian cities. This weekend, have a cup of Vietnamese coffee and a bowl of Vietnamese rice noodles!
The cafe hidden in the alley of Changle Road
Friends from other places come to Shanghai to play, and I still like to take them on Changle Road. Although many interesting shops no longer exist in the wave of urban appearance transformation, this is still the place where many young people’s dreams of fashion began, and are mixed in Gourmet shops among a group of buyers give this fashionable street a more intimate atmosphere of life.
POKEPOKE, which produces Hawaiian paella, and the pushi dots, which make Shanghai’s hand-made dim sums, are popular food check-in places, but there may be few people who go deep into the alley. In fact, there is a cafe-Ani Cafe. . The shop is hidden in the Shikumen house. The shop was converted from the guest hall on the first floor of the old building, bringing "very Shanghai" fireworks.
When you come to AniCafé, you must try their Vietnamese coffee. Another piece of cheesecake is actually the same in taste, but it is fun to have a cup of authentic Vietnamese coffee in old Shanghai Shikumen. But what needs to be reminded is that the work and rest of the store are not regular. If there is a plan to go, it is recommended to call in advance to ask clearly.

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