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The Germans opened up again and replaced plastic with leaves to make the world's most environmentally friendly disposable tableware!

The Leaf Republic team from Germany invented a 100% recyclable, natural disposable tableware that uses leaves instead of plastic.
Today, I will take you to learn how they turned leaves into this environmentally friendly tableware.
The above is the final product designed and produced by the Leaf Republic team. It is not only waterproof and oil proof, but also a disposable tableware that can be completely degraded into fertilizer. No glue, paint and other chemicals are used in the production process, which is completely natural. However, to make tableware that might change the world, the process is not so smooth and beautiful!
Outside the window of founder Pedram’s office, there is a dense forest
The rate of our garbage production is also increasing. Every year, more than 1 billion tons of garbage are scattered into the natural environment, and the amount accumulated every year is more than one Mount Everest. It takes at least 730000 days for this garbage to be completely degraded in nature.
Seeing this, founder Pedram felt that it was time to do something to change this terrible world. So he thought, there are so many fallen leaves in the forest, can we use these fallen leaves to make some trees? Act as soon as you think. He immediately summoned some of his friends. He didn't expect it to hit it off. Designers and engineers would do whatever they wanted.
At first they didn't have an office, so they brainstormed, worked, designed and produced in the living room of Pedram.
The first hot press they designed to make leaf tableware was built here.
The tableware of beleaf first sews leaves of various shapes into a large irregular leaf, and then adds a waterproof and oil-proof layer (palm leaf) that is also made of leaves to the two leaves, and finally uses a specially designed machine to Three layers together can become 100% environmentally friendly disposable tableware.
In the process of making tableware, in addition to not harming the natural environment, the finished product is completely natural. The whole process does not use glue, oil, glue or chemical materials, only leaves. Therefore, generally disposable tableware is left for 730000 days after being discarded, but the disposable tableware made of such leaves can be naturally decomposed and become natural nutrients in just 28 days.
After the first hot pressing mechanism was made, although it was also completely manual, the products made were not satisfactory, but after their ideas and samples were launched, they won various awards:
In the vast universe, our existence is only a moment, and all nights we have are short and temporary. The meaning of our existence is not what we have now, but what we can create for the future. If what we can build is a company that can truly achieve sustainable development and is meaningful to society and the environment, then what we do is the greatest thing in the world.