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What are the advantages of different types of recyclable paper cups?

Recyclable Paper Cups are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to avoid the use of plastic cups. They are completely sustainable and plastic-free.

Eco-Select recyclable paper cups are made with a unique plastic-free dispersion barrier that keeps liquid from soaking into the paper fan. And because these cups can be recycled with regular paper waste, they don't need a separate facility for recycling, which helps reduce waste and keep landfills from filling up with these cups. Eco-Select paper cups are made with 92% virgin fibre, so they're made from a renewable resource and will not increase the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

RECUP Recyclable Paper Cups are a revolutionary, earth-friendly alternative to conventional cups. The reCUP is made from a polyethlyene-coated paper cup stock, and is designed to be recycled through existing paper recycling processes. This innovative material allows for up to 1,000 reprocessed cups. To help make recycling easy and affordable, RECUP is available in different sizes, from single servings to cases of 1000.

reCUP with EarthCoating
The reCUP with EarthCoating is a revolutionary fiber cup solution made from recycled paper. It looks and feels just like a conventional plastic-coated cup, but it doesn't use PE on the inside. Instead, it uses a special coating called EarthCoating, a highly mineralized resin alternative that is engineered for recyclability, print performance, and barrier strength. And with its unique design, it can be easily recycled using conventional paper recycling equipment.

Compostable cups
While many cups today are made from plant-based plastics, compostable paper cups still suffer from the same problems as their plastic cousins. While they are biodegradable and compostable, these cups still contain a significant number of plastics. These products are made from plastics like polylactic acid, which is considered to be a biodegradable plastic. Using these cups instead of regular plastic ones can help the environment and reduce pollution.

Polyethylene liner
Increasingly, paper cup makers are trying to make their recyclable cups more sustainable by replacing the plastic liners with bio-based or water-based ones. While paper is the most recycled material, cups with PE liners are not biodegradable and must be disposed of in landfills or incinerated. PE fragments pose environmental and health risks. However, bio-based and water-based cups are recyclable and compostable.

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