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Types And Scope of Coffee Cups

Types of coffee cups:

Drinking coffee is a matter of course, just like drinking water. But for a good cup of coffee, in addition to careful roasting and delicate operation skills, the coffee cup also plays an extremely important role. Let me give you an in-depth understanding of coffee cups.

The most basic one is that coffee cups must not react chemically with coffee, so active metals must not be used as coffee cups (of course, if you want to pursue alternative flavors) such as aluminum cups. The body of the coffee cup should be thick, and the mouth of the cup should not be wide open. The cup condenses the heat of the coffee, and it is not easy to cool down quickly, so as not to affect the taste and taste of the coffee.

Traditional coffee cups can be divided into 3 types:

1. Small coffee cups with a capacity of less than 100 ml, containing 50-70 ml of coffee;

2. General coffee cups with a capacity of less than 200 ml, containing 150-180 ml of coffee;

3. About 300ml cups used for mugs without a base and French milk coffee cups. Of course, in order to brew some beautiful and beautiful fancy coffee, various glass goblets, beer mugs, etc. are also used. But not in the purebred coffee mug.

There are many kinds of materials for coffee cups, such as paper, porcelain, pottery, stainless steel, bone china and so on. Porcelain and pottery are both glazed and fired. The texture of pottery is relatively rough and slightly absorbent. If the glaze falls, that part will be easily polluted and cannot be washed off. .

The bone china cup has good thermal insulation, which can keep the coffee warm in the cup, but the price is very high; the double-layer stainless steel cup has high thermal insulation, durable and will not be worn, the price is slightly better than bone china coffee, but it lacks aesthetics .

The scope of use of coffee cups:

The number of grams of paper used in coffee paper cups is also more than that of disposable ordinary paper cups. Disposable ordinary paper cups are often used for furniture life, for families, companies, etc., but coffee paper cups belong to a kind of mid-range. Paper cups are generally used in coffee houses, high-end milk tea shops, dessert shops, and coffee paper cups. The price of paper cups is relatively high, mainly because its materials are better, and the production process is also more troublesome than ordinary disposable paper cups. Coffee paper cups are not only of good quality, tall and straight, but also heat-insulated and anti-scalding.

For details, please consult: paper cups manufacturer.

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