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Where Can I Find A Reliable Disposable Paper Cups Factory?

Where are the manufacturers of disposable paper cups right? Many of my friends do not know how to find paper cup factories in restaurants, because now many traders are dealing with paper cups. Now many people search for disposable paper cup manufacturers because they do now. The larger manufacturers all have their own official websites, and now there are many shops on B2B online, but the price is relatively cheaper, so everyone has a soft spot for this method, but for custom disposable paper cups, it There are not many things involved. This is mainly for online customization. It is one-to-one. It is not a standard part like other products we produce.

With the development of the social economy and the accelerating pace of life, most people choose a convenient and fast way of life. One of the major manifestations is the birth of disposable paper cups. Because of their low cost and convenience, pla paper cups are widely used by modern people. Whether using paper bowls at home, using paper cups in restaurants, or paper cups used by promoters in supermarkets, disposable cups are used more and more. People think that this is hygienic and convenient, and the production of products is pollution-free and non-polluting. Peculiar smell, good texture, not easy to deform, beautiful, heat-resistant, oil-resistant, non-toxic, waterproof, impermeable, etc. The materials are widely used. The current domestic disposable paper cups can be divided into three types according to their uses: cold drink cups, hot drink cups and Ice cream cups.

Custom-made disposable paper cups. If you want to enhance the thermal insulation and compressive strength of the corrugated paper cups, you must enhance the thermal insulation capacity of the outer cup. As long as there is no trace of the coating after the surface paper is laminated, the paper with lower weight can be used as much as possible; It is best to use straw pulp or wood pulp paper with good stiffness and high ring compressive strength for paper and tile paper. Do not use medium-strength or normal-strength tile paper, because it is mostly a mixture of raw pulp and recycled pulp, which has fast water absorption, low ring pressure strength, and good toughness but low stiffness.

But if it is used to hold hot drinks, as long as the temperature of the beverage exceeds 62℃, the wax will melt and the paper cup will absorb water and deform. The melted paraffin wax has a high content of impurities, especially the polycyclic then hydrocarbon organic compound contained in it, which is a possible carcinogenic substance. Entering the human body with beverages will endanger human health. The surface of the hot drink paper cup will be pasted with a special polyethylene film recognized by the country not only has good heat resistance but also is non-toxic when immersed in high-temperature beverages.

Disposable paper cups are practical and convenient, and the corresponding advertising effect is also very good. Now, how do all kinds of enterprises choose disposable paper cups when ordering paper cups? If you want to find a reliable and safe paper cup manufacturer, choose Pando.

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