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80mm Cold Cup PS Lids

80mm Cold Cup PS Lids

Print: 1-6 colors customized or Plain

Product Specification

Diameter (mm): 80 Weight (g): 2.1 Colors: Transparency
Pieces Per Sleeve: 100 Sleeves: 10 Pieces Per Carton: 1000
Carton Length (mm): 435 Carton Width (mm): 190 Carton Height (mm): 425

Product Details

Regular cold cup PS lids.

A custom logo is available.

Available in white and transparent colors.

Suitable For

Cold Drinks Soda Drinks Sparkling Drinks

Regular Size

  • 80mm diameter and 90mm diameter PS lids.


  • The special design ensures perfect leakage prevention performance.
  • Bring an enjoyable moment with drinks.