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130oz Paper Buckets

130oz Paper Buckets

Print: 1-6 colors customized or Plain

Product Specification

Top Diameter (mm): 215.0 Bottom Diameter (mm): 160.7 Height (mm): 166.0
Pieces Per Sleeve: 35 Sleeves: 4 Pieces Per Carton: 140
Carton Length (mm): 450 Carton Width (mm): 450 Carton Height (mm): 530

Product Details

Smooth and curled edge prevents injures result from cutting, making it a safer choice for you.

The exquisite printing combined with the food-grade whiteboard perfectly presents the inviting look of foods to and attracts more consumers.

It can be matched with the special die-cutting lids to meet more diversified consumer needs.

Suitable For

Hamburger Fried Chicken


  • Made of high-quality food-grade cupstock.
  • Providing customized exquisite artworks that can be printed in 6 colors which helps to improve brand image.


  • Favorable advertising media
  • Clean and sanitary
  • Practical and easy to carry
  • Healthy and eco-friendly