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330ml Paper Soup Bowls

330ml Paper Soup Bowls

Print: 1-6 colors customized or Plain

Product Specification

Top Diameter (mm): 89.0 Bottom Diameter (mm): 69.0 Height (mm): 80.3
Pieces Per Sleeve: 50 Sleeves: 20 Pieces Per Carton: 1000
Carton Length (mm): 455 Carton Width (mm): 365 Carton Height (mm): 500

Product Details

Smooth and curled edge prevents injures result from cutting, making it a safer choice for you.

The exquisite printing combined with the food-grade cupstock perfectly presents the inviting look of foods to and attracts more consumers.

It can be matched with PP lids to meet more diversified consumer needs.

Suitable For

Hot Food Instant Noodles Soup Food Takeout


  • Made of high-quality food-grade cupstock.
  • Providing customized exquisite artworks that can be printed in 6 colors which helps to improve brand image.


  • Favorable advertising media
  • Clean and sanitary
  • Practical and easy to carry
  • Healthy and eco-friendly